Join Our New Public Discord!

Join Our New Public Discord!

Join the Egotown Discord to join the dot Rust community. Chat with fellow dot haters, talk shit to the leader himself, and advertise your own Rust content. Everyone is welcome in Egotown. Bring your toxicity!

About Us

Games We Play

Rust Logo

Our main game is the shit game of Rust. All we do is farm, get code raided, and talk shit in chat. We also play PUBG and get a fuck-ton of chicken dinners. 

Our Pastime, Our Curse


Code raiding, getting code raided, buying codes; it's all good fun that requires the utmost amount of skill to accomplish!

Recruitment Strategies


Not only do we recruit religiously from Rust LFG on Reddit, we also recruit from our official website! Type up an essay - become a farmer!

RobiN (Leader of ☁)

"Extremely shit clan, 2/10 experience while being yelled at and whipped the entire time to farm more sulfur. And the leader, dont even get me started extreme hot head after coming in the channel and calling us all braindead apes and saying he was gonna disband and kick us all."


"I am flow3r, I am an ex-dot player and when I played with dot for multiple wipes, I decided to code raid them 5 wipes in a row after what they made me go through. Kinn would scream over TeamSpeak in his Prius on wipe day on his phone."

Farshot (Leader of eP)

"I beat more nodes than i have my meat in 20 years and it's like playing with 20 helen kellers with no hands."


"I was kicked by Scuppa for not farming a box of sulfur..."